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    Multiple Hard Drives for Video Editing with Premiere Elements 8?


      I'm using Premiere Elements 8 for video editing. These are the specs I'm using:


      The camcorder I used to shoot the footage is a Sony Handycam with  model number HDR-SR12. It's a digital HD video camera recorder that  shoots in NTSC 1920x1080i HD  recording. The footage was shot with AVC  HD  9M (HQ), which records in higher image quality mode. The  video  camera is connected to my computer through a USB cable.


      The  computer  itself is a Windows 7 desktop computer. The CPU is an HP  Pavilion Elite  HPE-150f PC with Intel Core i7-860 processor. I imported  the video into  Premiere by selecting "File" --> "Get Media From"  and then choosing the third  option from the top.


      My import  option is NTSC/AVCHD/Full HD 1080i 30 5.1 channel, which matches the  specs of the camera I shot the footage with.


      Even with the patch 8.0.1 that should be preventing crashing, the program keeps crashing upon startup with one specific video project. Using the exact same video files for that project, I recreated the video, with Elements, and never ran into the problem. Both times, I had the patch installed.


      At the moment, I am using only the single internal hard drive for everything (software, OS, video editing, etc.). It is 1 TB in size. However, I am informed that one hard drive is not recommended for video editing, and that I need at least two hard drives, one for OS and one specifically for video editing. I was also informed of FireWire 800 and eSata; however, it does not appear that my computer supports eSata.


      Can this problem be resolved if I have an external hard drive and connect it to my computer with FireWire 800 (which the computer supports)? If not, what can be done so this problem doesn't arise in the future?


      Thanks for the help.