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    Can I give my Adobe PS Elements to my dtr as I have upgraded to vers.8?


      Hi I am wondering if I can give my daughter my Photoshop Elements vers. 7 as I now have version 8 and realize that the vers. 7 is tied to my email address and my password when I used it. Does that mean then that she cannot load it to her computerwhich has her email address which is different than mine?

      If she can, what process will undo my email address and password so that she can enter her own details to use the program and as well will she be able to register it?

      I really would appreciate a reply. BTW, my newer version 8 is on a new computer with a different email address and password.

      Experienced help would be appreciated.

      Thank you.

      Also wondering if the 1-800 customer support line is available all the time or only certain days and hours?