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    Just installed CS5 Design Premium and Adobe Air doesn't work


      I just blew over $2000.00 on this software and installed it on my new i7 MacBook Pro. So far, all the software seems to be working, but when I click on help, I get a message that says the following:


      "This installation of this application is damaged. Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance."


      What this means is all of the help documentation for all of my new software can't be accessed. There are a lot of negative and unproductive things I could say right now, but I would like to get help, so here is a list of what I did...


      1: I tried uninstalling Air and reinstalling it - FAIL

      2: I tried reinstalling CS5 - FAIL

      3: I called Tech Support - They told me to do the above as someone was yelling behind them and making them nervous.


      If anyone out there can tell me how to fix this I would be grateful.


      I have a 17 inch MacBook Pro with an i7 processor and 8 GIG of RAM and a 500 GIG 7200 RPM Hard Drive.