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    Export all Photoshop settings?

    Charlie the rabbit

      Hi, I freelance and so I move constantly from one computer to another, I work  on a PC at home and Macs everywhere else. I use CS2, CS3 and CS4, soon CS5. It would be great if there was a simple way for me to export all my user settings for Photoshop into a folder which I  could store on a USB key and put these settings on the desktop whenever I'm  using a different machine. Every time I'm on a different computer I have to set  up my Photoshop preferences, the colour settings I require, the tool settings I  prefer, load some brushes, load actions, change shortcuts, switch off settings  in the system preferences for keyboard strokes which clash with Photoshop keyboard settings, set the palettes out as I like them and save my workspace. Sometimes a  computer is set up by administrators so that when I turn the machine off, my settings aren't saved and I have to check them again the next day (colour space), sometimes other people work on the  machine and when I get to work the next day, I have to remember to revert back to my settings. I've been caught out before setting up files in and SRGB workspace  instead of Abobe98 because someone used the computer between my sessions (over night) without me realising. I don't want to make up my own panels in Adobe Configurator  as I like the way Photoshop is already set up and I have worked well in this  environment for years and from what I can see Configurator doesn't offer the options I'm looking for. As you can imagine this is rather tedious and it's a big waste of my time, so if there is a way for me to save all these settings to one folder which Photoshop recognises when I point it to that folder, please let  me know, otherwise would the tech team consider this as a new feature for Photoshop users? I do move across applications, and it would be perfect if I could save all Adobe application settings in the one folder.

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          retouchMOJO Level 1

          AMEN! Something similar to Quark Xpress's "Collect For Output"... but, "Export User Settings"... one file that you can then go to a new machine with, and click "Load User Settings". This should bring prefs, keyboard shortcuts, workspaces, menu customization, tool presets, brushes, actions, custom colors.... all the stuff we need to do our job no matter where we are. Cloud based? Photoshop.com Synching?

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            Charlie the rabbit Level 1

            A note about the term 'tool settings' which I used in my first post here: By this I mean the tools at the forefront of the tool panel. I always change the magnetic lasso to the smooth lasso icon. I choose the dodge tool to display over the and burn tool. I display the heal tool instead of the spot heal tool. All my feather settings are set to 0...


            A further note on the workspaces and exporting user settings: I find myself working on single monitors and also dual monitors, so I see the need for Photoshop to be able to recognise if I'm using a single display or a dual display. If that wasn't possible, perhaps the user would have to save 2 separate user settings, one for single display, one for dual display.


            Many work places often have a machine set up for freelancers and so Photoshop would need to give the user the option to select their settings file and not someone else's which may still be stored on the computer.