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    NEED FAST ADVICE!  Can I convert a pdf file (xlxs.pdf) into an excel spreadsheet???


      It sounds crazy even to me, but maybe it's possible.  Is it?  This form is for my bank and I need it filled out within hours, unfortunately the copy emailed to me was an excel file that had been converted into a pdf file.  I NEEDED it to be an excel document so that the formulas and everything would still function, because this form is so confusing, I could easily mess it up.  The exe. made it really easy.  As a PDF, YES I have the ability to fill out the form, but there are no formulas.


      Is there any way to convert ths file back into an excel spreadsheet or am I screwed?  There is zero other way to get this form.  I may just have to fill out the PDF version but, is there somethink I'm not thinking of?  Please email me at [email address deleted by host] ASAP if you can help.  I'll be up..


      Thanks a bunch,