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    Best way to layout multiple images on a page


      Hi , I am a complete newbie to Dreamweaver and CSS, but am getting there :)


      I have a page with a <div>  #container that is 400 px wide, and is wish to install 4 images as a 2 x 2 matrix in this container.  What is the best way  to do this with CS4?  There are other times when I will want to do a 2.x 3 image matrix.


      I would appreciate all help and suggestions




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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          My method of choice to do what you want to do:


          Assuming that you want 2 side-by-side images (400 / 2 = 200), make the width 200px;

          Assuming that the 2 x 2 refers to square-format, height will also be 200px;

          Therefore, on the 2 x 3, width will remain 200px; height will be 300px;


          Create a div format "box" that is styled like:


          .twobytwo, .twobythree {

               width: 200px;

               height: 200px;

               float: left;


          .twobythree {

               height: 300px;


          <div id="container">

               <div class="twobytwo"><img [image code here]></img></div>

               <div class="twobytwo"><img...etc....


          Because most of the properties are the same, I used a group selector for most of the property/values and added a single selector (.twobythree) for the one property that changed for the .twobythree.