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    my dreamweaver  2 websote is not compatible with my windows 7 computer.


      I am ulnable to make changes to mhy website becauseit was designed usilng dreamweaver  2. and my new computer has windows 7 .My old computer had windows xp but that computer no longer works.. I had no problem accessing dreamweaver 2 with windows xp

      Every solution that I have heard about  is very expensive or very  hard to do.

      So far, the solutions that have heard about  are:

      1. hire someone to redesign my entire website using  a  much later edition of dreamweaver

      2. take windows xp off my old computer  and install it on my new computer

      3. Buy a widows xp  cd and install it on my new computer

      3. Buy a windows xp computer and use it instead of my windows 7 computer

      4 buy a windows xp computer and hook it and my windows 7 computer to the same monitor. The suggested techniques for doing this involve any of the following:

             A. get a vga signal splitter and reverse it using gender changer. or

            B.Best Buy suggested using a  KVM switch


      I am non-technical and will have to hire all of this to be done. Cost is very important.