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    Changing scrollbar position


      Hi everybody,


      I'm currently building a site using dreamweaver cs4 and I'm looking for a bit of help...!


      My site will have three frames making three columns on the page. I would like to be able to scroll to view the content in the centre frame whilst the outer frames remain static. I have done this by setting the overflow in the centre frame to scrolled. However, this now places a scrollbar immediately to the right of the centre frame (i.e. in between the centre frame and the frame on the right hand side). This messes with how the pages looks a little!


      So I would like to know if it is possible to scroll in the central frame without a scrollbar immediately next to the frame? http://www.sightunseen.com Is an example of what I would like to achieve. Is this done using iframes? And if so would someone be able to explain how it is done?





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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Their page is done using an iframe.  However, you could accomplish a similar look using fixed position layers around the body of your page and then place a center container in the middle of your page.  You would just need to know that your site would only look right at one screen resolution and that you would create extra whitespace on higher resolutions.