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    Master Tempo - AA is lacking this very important feature


      I am waiting to upgrade from old Cool Pro and I will rather not  upgrade untill someone will implement this feature to AA. I don't know  whether Adobe bought original company Syntrillium  Software together with developing people but I agree with many people  that since Adobe took over the software it is not progressing as it used  to. It is strange bearing in mind that Adobe has unlimited budget  possibilities for development.


      I am mixing songs (rather than composing) so  high quality master tempo (changing tempo without pitch based on BPM  measures) would be ideal and very helpfull. I came accross simple but  nice software that changes master tempo on a fly using just lines like  'volume and pan envelopes' in AA session. And honestly Adobe Audition  will be ideal after implementing this feature from my egoistic point of  view. (the only way around is using Stretch effect but it's not the best  quality and not very handy - I need to calculate BPM to % or length  every time I want something faster or slower).


      Maybe someone can recommend  good plugins or something.