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    Is it true about the reduced price upgrade from Premiere cs4 to cs5 for disatisfied users?

    Mas Licorne Level 1

      I've recently installed CS4. The program suite is great except for Premiere Pro where the playback window exhibits [unusable] staggered playback - as experienced by many others on this forum I see. This is not even with HD but standard DV output. Some users have suggested installing CS3 but others have pointed to the useful new features on CS4. I find this very frustrating, such a fundamental problem and I have a project that I need to get on with right now.

      I've been told that this poor user experience has been noted by Adobe and that there are plans to offer upgrade at a concessionary rate. This sounds interesting and I'd like to know more - either way I need a program that is actually usable [*using Win XP Pro, P4, 2.6GHz, 2gig ram]

      Can anyone help with this info?....thankyou!

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