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    Is it true about the reduced price upgrade from Premiere cs4 to cs5 for disatisfied users?

    Mas Licorne

      I've recently installed CS4. The program suite is great except for Premiere Pro where the playback window exhibits [unusable] staggered playback - as experienced by many others on this forum I see. This is not even with HD but standard DV output. Some users have suggested installing CS3 but others have pointed to the useful new features on CS4. I find this very frustrating, such a fundamental problem and I have a project that I need to get on with right now.

      I've been told that this poor user experience has been noted by Adobe and that there are plans to offer upgrade at a concessionary rate. This sounds interesting and I'd like to know more - either way I need a program that is actually usable [*using Win XP Pro, P4, 2.6GHz, 2gig ram]

      Can anyone help with this info?....thankyou!

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