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    Problem with dynamic layout of items

    Pisti123 Level 1



      I've built a game similiar to space invaders,

      The elements were added dynamicly with the application complete method, however I've encounterd a problem:

      I used a timer to cause a 5 seconds delay between the loading time of the application and the start of the game by the user,

      in that 5 seconds period if the user hit spacebar (meanning fire) - it's added an additional layer of bad guys that wasn't my intention to have.,.

      I've searched every inch of my code and haven't found any clue that the function that creates the alien dynamicly is called by hitting the spacebar.


      Anyone has any ideas on why that's happening or any other thought would be much appriciated.


      Another question, anyone knows how to delay an event from happening (the event happens - then stopped - then starts again on my command)?