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    PREV - NEXT navigation in ViewStack & Tab Navigation container

    Sen Imagines



      I am using a ViewStack container inside a Tab container. There are 2 tabs.

      In the first tab, I have 3 containers for ViewStack and in the

      Second tab, I have 2 containers.



      I am having a single PREV - NEXT (navigation) buttons for the navigation.On clicking the next (navigation) button, it should select the second viewstack container in the first tab [initially the first view stack container in first tab is selected]



      On clicking next again, it should select the next viewstack container & so on...

      Upon further clicking the next button, it should select the first Viewstack container of the second tab & so on...


      When I place the navigation buttons for the ViewStack container, we can get the ViewStack ID & the selectedIndex, so PREV - NEXT navigation functionality can be done.



      But my requirement is:

      On traversing through the NEXT button and on reaching the last screen of the ViewStack container, it is required to go to the next tab's first ViewStack container. It is basically a PREV - NEXT navigation through all tabs and on each ViewStack in a tab container with a single set of PREV - NEXT navigation buttons


      - Sen