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    Replace new image into existing project

    ShirleyW75207 Level 1

      I need to replace a image that I used in a transition. This image will fly in from the side from my start page to my main page.
      I originally made everything the way I wanted then duplicated the state then I moved the items to be flown on to the page or faded into the page etc...
      but now the new imported image is only on one state. if I copy the image from the main state and paste the image to the start state and try to make a transition the image only gets a fade in selection in the timeline. Even if I move the image it will still only fade in. I want the image to fly in from the side.
      I think what is happening is that the image is no longer "Linked" between states so it does not know where the graphic starts and where it should end.
      It thinks its 2 different graphics. Is their a better way than to copy and paste state to state to be able to keep the association and create a transition?
      Otherwise I have to redo hours of work just to replace an image ?????
      Please help....

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi Curtis,


          Transitions are between the same item (or "instance" to be fancy) when it has different properties (like position, size, opacity, rotation,etc) in different states. When you import an image, you create a new item in the Art Board. If you copy-paste, you create another item.


          If you want the same item to show up in multiple states, right click it and choose "Share to State" and the state you want it to appear in.

          There's also a "Make same in All States" that makes an item have the same appearance in all states that it's present in.


          For your specific case, though, you have transitions already working on an image, so you should just change the image to have a new source. Click the image that had been working before, click the "source" in the Properties Inspector (lower right), and you should have the ability to change where your image is coming from.



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            ShirleyW75207 Level 1

            Found it myself (finally)


            States/ Share to State.