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    Cineform HD and FirstLight

    Ken 47

      I have been testing the trial version of Cineform HD version 5 with the full version of Premiere CS5 and I find that clips that I colour balance with FirstLight do not play back smoothly on the Premiere timeline. The clips do playback smoothly in Windows Media Player and Premiere Elements 7.

      I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on a Intel Quad core Q6600 @2.4gig, 8 GB memory,  Nvidia  GeForce 8500 GT, 1TB SATA system drive and a 2TB SATA for my video files. Although this is not by any means a high spec system I do not understand why playback is good in Premiere Elements and not in Premiere CS5, which has the advantage of the Mercury playback engine and is a true 62bit application. The problem must be related to something I am doing wrong but at the moment it has me beat. Grateful for any help and advice.

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          joshtownsend Level 2

          Do you have the CS5 version of Cineform. It was released last week for the NEO series. http://techblog.cineform.com/?p=2872


          Also your video card does not support the Mercury Playback Engine. Besides that Cineform doesn ise MPE to accelerate so it doesn't matter.

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            Ken 47 Level 1

            I had been running Cineform Neoscene 1.6 but I had to uninstall it to run the trial of NeoHD so yes it is the latest version as of yesterday.


            My understanding is that the Mercury Playback Engine is an integral part of Premiere and therefore used all the time. The setting in Premiere lets you choose Mercury Playback Engine software only or GPU accelerated. As you say my graphics is low end and not supported so my system is running with the Mercury Playback Engine in software only mode. The only supported graphics card in my price range at the moment is the 285 but I understand that it is being discontinued so I am anxiously waiting for Adobe to support some of the newer cards.

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              jabloomf1230 Level 1

              The problem is that you are putting the entire burdern on your CPU. Even though the FL color correction is non-destructive and is handled by the Cineform codec, it still requires more from the CPU than just previewing a non color corrected timeline. The bad news from nVidia is that their cheaper Fermi video card (470 GTX) is on the verge of being discontinued. This would leave only the high end 480 GTX, a potental dual GPU Fermi (good for gaming, but not good for the MPE) and newer low end video cards based on a stripped down 480 GTX.

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                Ken 47 Level 1

                Many thanks for your help and the information on Nvidia cards.


                Using the new feature in CS5 where you can drag a clip onto the new item icon to set up a sequence based on the clip I can achieve smooth playback at half resolution which, considering my system limitations, is fine. I did however, get a yellow line but  when I rendered the clip it played immediately and did not have to render. Using the Cineform preset I had to use 1/4 resolution but I did not get a yellow line. I won't take credit for this as the suggestion came from the Cineform forum.