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    Specific Flash cookies does not install


      Recently I started having a problem with the flash cookies that my bank uses to remember certain security info every time I sign on so I don't have to enter it each time.  Suddenly there is no flash cookies being placed on my system when I attempt to log on even though I specifically tell the logon that I am on a personal computer and it should be registered.  It's not like the cookie is being plut on the system and then being deleted, it's simply not being placed.  I've even done a split screen running the bank login on one side and keeping my file manager open on the left side open to the very place where the flash cookie for the bank is supposed to be placed and during logon no cookie is even attempting to be placed there. All other flash cookies are being placed in the file with no problems.


      I have deleted all the flash cookies and started anew to see if that would repair the situation, to no avail.  Every other site that uses flash cookies replaced their cookies with no problem, but not my bank.  I've also verified that it happens no matter what browser I use.  Firefox is my default browser, but I have tried it with IE, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome and still no flash cookie from my bank.


      I have spoken to the bank repeatedly and their IT people say that nothing has changed with the bank's processes and that they are not getting a complaint from anyone else.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can go from here?