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    Inline Link in RichEditableText


      Hi everybody,


      hope your flexin' goes fine.


      I 've got a rather simple question, but anyway. I am making my first steps with the new text components in Spark and try place and style a inlineLink in a RichEditableText Component. Unfortunatly I am ok with the first, but have trouble styling it. Inline (color="#FFB040") and with an external style sheet, the Link keeps its default apperance. Any suggestions? Or is my approach bad design in the first place. For better evaluation of this question, the Info that the "final" goal is to open a popup window inside the click handler.


      Here is my code snippet.


      <s:RichEditableText selectable="false" editable="false" width="400" textAlign="center">
                <s:p fontSize="32">
                     Please choose your <s:br />
                          <s:a click="showPickTypeHelp()" styleName="inlineTextLink" >Pick-Type</s:a> for ...


      Thanks, for any help.