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      I'm trying to connect 2 swfs over Stratus and the second client is getting NetStream.Publish.Failed when I try to publish a stream. They both have connected to Stratus via the NetConnection and one can publish a stream but the second can not. I've made sue that each swf is using a different name to publish. I can't find this error listed anywhere in the documentation it only listed NetStream.Publish.BadName. I'm using the AIR 2 RC1 beta sdk from adobe labs set to publish for 10.1.


      Are there any other reasons why i would be getting NetStream.Publish.Failed?

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          I found out why it was failing. I was entering the peerID I wanted to allow connection from instead of allowing any direction connection.


          so I had:

          stream = new NetStream(connection, farID);

          stream.publish( channel );


          where is should be:

          stream = new NetStream(connection, NetStream.DIRECT_CONNECTIONS);

          stream.publish( channel );



          then the other client needs to use both my farID and name of my stream in order to connect