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    Smartsound Quicktracks for CS5

    tnsprin Level 1

      The third party page for CS5 talks about a new quicktracks plugin for CS5.  However the Smartsound currently says that CS5 is not supported.  Is this just that it is still in development and will come along a lot later (as it did for CS4) or is it available somewhere now?

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          joshtownsend Level 2

          Why not just email smartsound and ask them. If they say it is not supported yet then is might not be ready yet like you said it was with CS4.

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            tnsprin Level 1

            Actually it was the plugins page that Premiere pro  CS5 is pointing at.  But it looks like they didn't make a serious attempt to update it for CS5 even though its pointed to by CS5 and says CS% on several parts of the page.



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              tnsprin Level 1

              Quicktracks responded that they do not support CS5.  They did say they may evaluate creating a X64 version for CS5 in the future.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                SmartSound has been working closely with Adobe on the CS5 QuickTracks plug-in. CS4 changed things enough, that the QT plug-in had to be reworked for it, from previous versions of PrPro. Adobe was late in getting the SDK out to 3rd party suppliers, so it was late in the lifespan of CS4, that the QT plug-in became available. Adobe and SmartSound did begin working towards CS5 earlier, but the x64 aspect meant a total re-write, plus changes in Audio-handling in CS5. That has slowed things, but my sources tell me that work is progressing. There are also plans for a Sonicfire Pro plug-in for PrPro, like the one for FCP. Do not know the exact status of either plug-in's development.


                In the meantime, Sonicfire Pro 5 Express Tracks version is available for free, with the purchase of any of the multi-layer discs, like the Strata Series. Note that it is a stand-alone app, but works great. One can purchase the Scoring Edition also, and that adds a great deal of power with those multi-layer discs. This is the version that is in development as a PrPro plug-in. Here's hoping that SmartSound is successful in that development, just as with the QuickTracks plug-in for CS5 and x64 OS's.


                If I get any word on intended release dates, I will update this thread.


                Good luck,



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                  tnsprin Level 1

                  Good to hear that its in the works, and that there are work arounds available.  Obviously the low level CSR who responded to my question either didn't know or was not permitted to say anything at this time.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    My guess would be the latter. As with most projects in-progress, it's not a good thing to offer up even an estimated date, as many will hold you to it, and become angered if you miss it, regardless of how large the word, ESTIMATE is. I know that there were problems with CS4's version, that did not get handled until the SDK was finally delivered - very late by Adobe standards, but many here still recall, the roll-out of CS4 was not painless, so Adobe had a lot on their plates. As CS5 is a major departure, and much has changed, it could take a bit for the SDK to be issued to allow 3rd party developers to really get down to work.


                    I only hope that everyone can get their part of the end projects completed.


                    Good luck to us all,



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Just a minor update: work is in progress between both Adobe and SmartSound regarding a 64-bit version of QuickTracks for CS5. No date, but there are many hard at work on this. I would anticipate that SmartSound will make an announcement, when the plug-in is finished and ready to go. If I get notification of the release, I will update this thread.