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    Setting font family in Spark TextArea


      Hi all.


      Today i loaded the flex sdk (open source) to try the spark text area component.

      Allthing seems to be allright for my purposes but i can not set the font family.


      My css-file:

      @font-face {
              src: url("Families/verdana.ttf");
              fontFamily: Verdana;
              embedAsCFF: true;
      @font-face {
              src: url("Families/TIMES.TTF");
              fontFamily: TimesNewRoman;
              embedAsCFF: true;





      an my as3 snippet file:


      var txtLtFrmt:TextLayoutFormat = new TextLayoutFormat();
      txtLtFrmt.color = 0x00FF0000;
      txtLtFrmt.fontFamily = (fontCmbBox.selectedItem as Object).normal;
      txtLtFrmt.fontLookup = "embeddedCFF";


      The text color changes but not the font family.


      Can anybody help me to solve this problem.