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    Passing parameters - again...

      I know there has been plenty of talk about the use of flashvars but I'm not finding any answers to my specific question...

      I have one swf file that displays a DataGrid. I want to pass the id of the selected row from the datagrid to another swf file.

      I can make this happen after deploying the application by changing the html as follows:

      "FlashVars", "${FlashVars}historyURL=history.htm%3F&lconid=' + lc_id + ''

      Then in my 'parent' or calling swf file, I set up the child url as follows:

      public function call_child(): void {
      var request : URLRequest = new URLRequest("TestFlashVarsChild.html");
      var variables : URLVariables = new URLVariables();
      variables.myString = sle_string.text;
      request.data = variables;

      and in the child I get the value via Application.application.myString

      Again, this all works in a deployed application... However, how do I make the flashvars available when running the application in flexbuilder? I've made the same changes to index.template.html - but I do not get any data.

      I've also tried to change the url to "TestFlashVarsChild.html?myString=" + sle_string.text

      This does not work either...