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    Editable text lost in scroll panel

    ShirleyW75207 Level 1

      When I convert a text box to a scroll panel the text becomes uneditable

      Am I doing something wrong?

      I create the Scroll bar then select the scroll bar and the text block and chose scroll panel in the HUD then I choose the text box as the scrolling content

      that is when it becomes uneatable.


      Any work around?

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Curtis,


          If you place a Text Input control within a Scroll Panel, it should continue to work fine.  Are you using something other than a Text Input?  If not, would you be able to share your project with us to help diagnose the issue you're having?  (If the file is smallish, you can wrap it in a .zip and email it to me -- pflynn -- @adobe.com.  If the file is bigger, you can make a free account on Acrobat.com and share the file with me there).


          - Peter

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            Hi Peter, i'm kind of having the same problem, i created my vertical scrollbar and that is fine, then i made a text box and when i try to paste my text into my text part of the scrollpannel, it's just no were to be seen! I can't go and edit it... but if i run the project, it's there...very weird...


            Also, when i create the scrollpanel, i get another text object at the bottom of the text i put in with 'add more content here' and when i delete that text, my scroll bar does not work anymore...

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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hi Alex,


              Scroll panels can be a little tricky to set up.  Here's a great post that might make it a bit clearer.  There's also a good video tutorial, if you prefer.


              If you're still stuck after reviewing those materials, feel free to post back here -- ideally with more details or even a copy of your project -- and we'll try to help you out.


              - Peter

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                I am having some newbie issues with text in scroll panel as well.. I have been trying to generate the text as part of a design oin illustrator. ( Very similar to the design shown in Top 5 catalyst cs5 features by terry white.) I can create a text panel in illustrator that appears to continue on without laying down on top of the border of the design. However, when I try to open the design with this text panel in catalyst it converts the text into vectors. when I try to drill down to open additional text as described in the tutorial, I am unable to do so.. I am guessing that the vectorization is the issue? I have tried to develope the text directly in catalyst but I am unable to find a method that does not have the text outside the desired area running all over the rest of the


                Again, I am a complete newbie. I have managed to replicate all other features and functions of the design. I am just not able to find the solution for this issue. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

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                  Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                  On AI import, what happens if you choose the Text -> Keep Editable option? If the text is converted to vectors, you are not going to be able to edit it as text.


                  To clip the scroll panel's content using Catalyst, there are a couple things you could try out.

                  1. Adding opaque overlays that "block" anything outside the content pane from showing.
                  2. Wrap your scroll panel in a custom component. Manually set the custom component's bounds to what you want to display (Right click, deselect Autosize component bounds), and set the component to clip to its bounds (right click, clip to component bounds).
                  3. Apply a mask in Illustrator (not sure if this one will work).



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                    shotime01 Level 1

                    Thanks Bear.


                    I appreciate the response. As with life's little ironies. As soon as I submitted that post, I logged back in and discovered the editable text option. that was my issue. I will look into these other suggestions.

                    Thanks again for the assistance.