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    After Effects CS5 crash on RAM Preview OS X


      Hello Friends. I've had a pretty great experience with AE CS5 so far, but I've been getting more and more recurring issues of AE locking up the entire computer on occasional RAM Previews. I get a spinning wheel, and the computer becomes unusable. I can usually change open applications with the keyboard, but they do not respond. In moments even that stops working and have a beach ball of death. Unable to force quit in any way, wether through menus, contextual menus, or keyboard commands. It takes a hard shutdown with the power button to get out.


      The only thing I can find that *may* also be a connection is that I normally always save right before a RAM preview. Though it doesn't happen every time, could it be that I'm freaking out the app before it can fully write the changes to the saved file? Each time it happens, I do have a sense that I'm working too quickly and am waiting for it to catch up.


      Not sure if anyone else has experienced it. Just wanted to let people know I've run into it more than a few times.