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    Custom Scrollbar Broken in 11.5

    paulburd Level 1

      It appears as though the "Custom Scrollbar" library behavior is slightly broken in Director 11.5. It works sometimes, but other times it behaves erratically - text scrolls down but not up, or jumps around - arrows work properly but dragger doesn't, etc...


      The script says it hasn't been updated since 2000


      Has anyone else seen this, and does anyone have a fix? Thanks!

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Can you supply a file that reproduces what you're describing?

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            James Newton, ACP Level 3

            I have just made a quick test in Director 11.5 and have not encountered any difficulties.  Perhaps you could describe your implementation in more detail? Are you using a #text member or a #field member?  How much text is there in the member?  (What is the .height of the member?)  Does all the text have the same fontSize?  Do you see the issues while authoring, in a projector or in Shockwave?  Does the text contain Unicode characters?  Are you changing the text of the member on the fly?


            Is there any pattern to the circumstances in which the behavior behaves erratically for you?

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              paulburd Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. I'm seeing the issue in both authoring (mac) and in projectors (mac & win). It's a text member containing static text. The font is Arial, with variations in size, color, and length.


              The arrows seem to generally work OK - the biggest problem is with the dragger. If you drag it up and down without letting go it usually works, but if you drag it too the bottom and let go and then re-grab it and try to move it back to the top in stops working.


              Attachments are disabled in the forums so I've temporarily made a test file available, here.


              Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!