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    Help me choose RIA sample for a book


      I'm writing a book on Flex 4 and would like to demonstrate Flex features on a real-world example. I'd start with simple controls, then add layout, connect the UI to data etc., you get the idea.


      The application should be pretty standard, I don't want to focus on animations, complete reskinning etc, I need to demonstrate basic features commonly used in Flex apps. Here are a couple of ideas that currently float in mind together with their advantages and drawbacks I can see:


      • Twitter client:
          (+) Simple, well understood service
          (+) Simple API
          (-) API key needed, and I don't want the readers to do any pre-configuration steps
          (-) Twitter is basically a list, demonstrating something like master/detail forms, a typical use case in Flex applications, would not be very natural although I can imagine it


      • Facebook client:
          Generally similar to Twitter client
          (-) A lot more features => complex API
          (-) Facebook is a little bit too personal, Twitter seems more natural for an IT book
          (+) If the book had its own page on Facebook, using it as a sample could attract more visitors which would be a good thing

      • Google Analytics client
          (+) Many good data for visualization
          (-) Private service, would need a GA account
          (-) The service offers little bit too much for my simple needs


      • Generic Line-of-Business application, something like Christophe Coenraets's InSync app (http://coenraets.org/blog/2010/05/using-the-flash-builder-4-data-centric-features-with-par sley-and-other-frameworks/)
          (+) Can be tailored to the specific needs
          (+) Looks a lot like an application that people commonly build with Flex
          (-) Doesn't sound "cool" or "fun"
      It would be cool if I could take an API provided by Adobe and build a better experience for it using Flex - like if these forums had an API, or bugs.adobe.com, or ideas.adobe.com or something like that.


      Thanks for posting any ideas that might make the book great