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    Lightroom 2 - getting grainy/pixelated look after editing photos


      Hi Everyone,


      Im new at this whole editing process but am really liking lightroom.


      For ages, (and i have no idea why) but my default program to view photos was Adobe photoshop album starter. After i would edit a photo from that was originally say 6MB some would then become around 9MB and viewing them in adobe photoshop album starter would make them look very grainy and pixelated. I have now changed my default viewer to Windows media gallery and they look fine..


      However, i would love to know why they look grainy in the album starter? And if there would be a solution to fixing this so they look normal on everything? Is there something i am doing wrong?


      As i look at other photos through the album starter that have been edited, but not from me and they look normal? Files no larger then 6MB though.


      Any help would be appreciated