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    [AIR Project] Code Feedback

    Wimbo19 Level 1

      Hello developers and designers,


      Im a php developer for many years now. Im not a very good learner, but im trying to get in touch with flex and air for over a year now. I read many articles about mvc's, coding technieks etc. but i never can make the choice about which technic to use. Thats why i started off building a application in air and just tryed what i thought was best.


      I will post my mvc folder architecture and all the mxml and as3 classes below.


      My question to you is what you think about my coding technic and give me some feedback. Very good tutorial url's are also welcome if you have any.



      - modules

      -- settings

      --- controllers

      ---- GeneralController.as

      ---- SettingsController.as

      --- events

      --- maps

      --- models

      ---- GeneralModel.as

      --- views

      ---- General.mxml

      ---- Settings.mxml


      Im going to use the Mate Framework. Still trying to learn what all the terms etc main haha.


      Thanks for your time, have a nice day !