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    loadMovie and controlling depth

    cmscss Level 1
      I have been searching endlessly but others don't seem to be having this problem so it must be very simple.

      I have some text animation in my advertising banner and I would like to load a movie so it appears under the text - to get around the 20kb size restriction of the banner ad.

      I can load the movie but it always appears on top of the text - so the text does not appear. I thought the movie would inherit the layer position from the target movie but it doesn't.

      Here is the code I'm using on frame 1 of the banner ad to load the movie:
      loadMovie(" http://www.5678.co.nz/highlands/augsep2007/1/pic1.swf", _root.pictarget);

      Very limited action script experience so go easy!

      Any help would be much appreciated.