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    Photo sizes

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      We're going to post an article on our site in a few days and there are wonderful photos that go with it. Normally, we just insert photos and they're reasonably small. In this case, we'd like to insert the photos in the normal size, so they don't take up too much space on the page, but give readers the option of enlarging the photos if they want. I've seen this on a lot of sites--"click to enlarge." But how do I do that with Contribute? I can't seem to find it in the directions. Thank you.
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          It's a relative easy job. There's to main things to do: create the thumbnails and create a foto gallerie

          Creating the thumbnails:
          1. On a PC download MS Image Resizer: http://download.microsoft.com/download/whistler/Install/2/WXP/EN-US/ImageResizerPowertoySe tup.exe
          2. After you installed it you can browse to your foto's and use the right mousebutton and choose 'Resize' to enlarge your foto's (of course you can also use a Photo editing program for (bulk) resizing)
          3. Create you thumbnails with a size width of f.i. 100-150 px

          Creating the gallerie
          1. Fire up Contribute
          2. Create a new page, or surf to the page you want your foto's to appear
          3. Create a table, f.i. 4 colums, 5 rows (depending on the number of image you decide how many rows/colums)
          4. Set the table property border to '0'
          5. Insert a thumbnail in each of the cells
          6. Select you thumbnails one by one and with each thumbnail do the following:

          a. With the thumbnail selected, click on the Link-button in the menu
          b. Choose File on my computer...
          c. Browse to the large image that corresponds to the thumbnail you selected
          d. Click Advanced
          e. Set Target Frame to New Window, so your large image will open in a New Window
          f. Click OK

          7. When you did this for all the thumbnails you click Publish
          8. The publishing will take a bit more time then usual, because of the thumbnails being uploaded and also the large images that they link to.

          Bear in mind not to use images that ar larger then approxamately 800 x 600, because the image can then be viewd best on reslutins from 800 x 600 up. But that's not a rule of course. You can make them bigger, but it's good to bare this in mind...
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            tryanother Level 1
            Thank you very much. Just FYI, we use Macs so we'll try it using the Mac photo tools but I'm sure it will work. Will let you know and again, thank you.