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    CS5 MPE - Dual (non-SLI) graphics compatable?


      Currently, I have Adobe CS2, and am finally considering upgrading to CS5.  Of course, my system is also quite old, so I am looking to upgrade that as well.


      I have three monitors right now (2x 1600x1200, 1x 1680x1280), and I want to add a fourth (either 1920x1200 or 1920x1080) for viewing HD content.


      1) If I buy a Fermi card (probably a 470), and run it along with my existing 8800GTS, can I enable MPE on the Fermi card?

      2) If I buy two Fermi cards, can I enable MPE on both?  Or is MPE restricted to one card?


      Because I want to run four monitors, SLI won't be enabled.  Does anyone have experience running MPE on multi-gpu configurations?


      3) Non-GPU related:  With multiple monitors, the HD monitor can be setup as a fullscreen realtime preview of source/output, while keeping the workflows on the smaller 20"s, right?