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    Help Needed Please


      Last week my website went down andI ended up having to upload the whole website again.  We have a navigation bar across the top of the pages which when rolled over have a drop down menu. They are all working ok except for the WORKING DOG section. That had the drop downmenu and then when yourolled over the different sections under there another menu came out of the side.  This actual idea was by someone else and they wont tell me how they did it. COnsequently quite a few of our pages cannot be accessed because these "other menus" arent there.


      My question is how can I get them back?  The website addy is  www.weimaranerclubofgreatbritain.org.uk  please make answers simple as I am quite a novice at this, the website was designed by someone else and I maintain it.


      Thanks in advance for any help



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          jxlusa Level 2

          Two relevant files cannot be found.

          In the head of the shtml for the home page, you have:


          <link href="../dropdowntab.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


          <script type="text/javascript" src="../dropdowntab.js">


          Both of these files are on the server in the root directory, but since the homepage is also in the root directory and the path says tto go UP a directory, the browser doesn't know where to find them.


          change the source to the proper path and, if there are no further problems, the drop-downs should work.

          The proper path for the homepage is:



          <link href="dropdowntab.css" rel="stylesheet"  type="text/css" />


          <script type="text/javascript" src="dropdowntab.js">


          The ../ before the file name means "go up one direcdtory and look for this file....."

          Since the home is already in the very top level directory, there is noplace to go look.


          For pages that are in a subfolder, you would need to keep (or add)  the ../ before the file name. If a page is Two directories down, you would need to have two ../ like this:


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            weimk9 Level 1

            Hi and thanks for the reply.


            I tried what you suggested but it just made the whole nav bar disappear, so I probably did something wrong.... I have, as far as I know, never had the code on my computer for the arrows, that come from the side of the nav bar, I have found the code for what I want the nav bar to do but I dont know where to put it?  dymanicdrive.com is the website and the CSS style horizontal nav bar with nesting (thats what I think it said).  I did say I was a novice at this. I can change the webpages and upload them but other than that I dont really know what I am doing..... is there a dreamweaver tutorial for what I want to do? Orcan anyone talkme thru it step by step, in simple layman terms??





            PS:  Can anyone tell me why when I open a page in dreamweaver to edit I cannot see the nav bar as it appears on the server, I just see a symbol type of thing.

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              jxlusa Level 2

              I f I remember correctly, your site is an SHTML site. That means parts of the page (including the nav bar probably) are actually in seperate files that are put together by the server before beining delivered to the browser.


              Sorry that I do not have time today to look at your site again. But that the nav bar dissapeared probably means that the JavaScript is at least having an effect. I hope someone here has the time to try and troubleshoot it for you. If not, you may need to try another approach.


              If you have the time, I would recommend migrating the content into t a content managemane system. If you have a control panel that can install scripts, it may not be to painful to try and set one up yourself, though configuring it may require some consultation. Migrating the content is mechanical and once done, manageing it could be much easier.

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                weimk9 Level 1

                Hi, The nav bar is in a separate menu (file) they were done like that by the person who designed the website originally.

                Because I am having trouble I am now wondering if it is possible to get another web design programme, one that will work with the dreamweaver files that I already have.  I dont fancy re doing all the website again as there are loads of pages and pics and files, downloads etc.....


                Is there a design programme that is compatible with dreamweaver files? one that is WYSIWYG would be fantastic.


                I hope there is someone that can help me?



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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you're working with pages that contain Server-Side Includes (SSI), you should install a local test server on your computer so you can preview pages before you upload to your remote web server.


                  Below are links to free servers. Pick one for your OS and tead the installation instructions.


                  WAMP for Windows



                  XAMPP for Windows



                  XAMPP for Mac



                  MAMP for Mac



                  Setting up a local test server in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4



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