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    Centering stage alignment




      My flash object width is 100% and it seems that by default catalyst set the stage alignment to the left.


      i tried adding <param name="salign" value="" /> which doesn't seem to help either


      i will appreciate any help


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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Can you give a little more detail on how your project is set up?  When a Flash Catalyst app runs in the web browser, the overall app "artboard"/stage is always centered horizontally.  There is no concept of "100% width" in Catalyst 1.0: the entire application layout is a fixed-size rectangle that is centered this way.


          Are you talking about variable-sized assets you've imported from Flash Professional, maybe?  You can always resize a SWF asset in Catalyst after importing it.  Since the overall Catalyst layout is fixed-width, you can resize the asset and then manually position it centered within your layout.


          Hope that helps -- but please post back with more info if not.


          - Peter

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            sky4everz1 Level 1

            Yes that is true, there is no concept of 100% width, i made those changes within the object html code.


            The project is done by catalyst only and the stage width is 1200. what i'm trying to get is stage of 1200px and flash object of 100% to fit the full width of the browser, meaning users with higher screen resolution such as 1600px and higher will have the 100% width and the stage of 1200px will be centered over the dynamic 100% width.


            lee have done something similar to what i'm trying to get and there are many ways to solve this within actionscript.



            Anyway i think this can be done by importing the fxp file to flash builder and add the stage align code, although it would have been much nicer to have done that in catalyst.

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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Aha, I see.  The easiest thing to create that effect is probably to apply a background in the HTML file that wraps the SWF.  (If you're not sure how, there are lots of tutorials online for creating HTML background using tiled or stretched images).  The HTML template Catalyst uses already centers the SWF horizontally, and you should be able to add vertical centering pretty easily -- either with a little bit of CSS (using margins) or by wrapping it in a table (using valign).


              Hope that helps!


              - Peter