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    Selectable text?


      So I was hoping that this feature would make it into Catalyst CS5. Is there any way to make text selectable? I opened the .fxp file in Flash Builder and it looks like it uses the rich text component. To create selectable text I would have to change all these components.


      Any help?

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi leifp,


          You're right, that is a bit of a missing feature.  You can create single-line selectable text in Catalyst by creating a Text Input control and then making it non-editable (in the Properties panel's Component section, uncheck Editable).


          To create multi-line selectable text, you will need to edit the code using a tool like Flash Builder.  The best option is to change each RichText into a RichEditableText with editable="false" set on it.  (The other option is to turn it into a Flex 3 mx:Text component, but this is a trickier change and this may lose some fidelity compared to the original RichText).


          - Peter