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    Background image covers layer background.....


      How is this for simple?




      What you are supposed to see, but are not seeing, is a "mango" colored box in the middle of the page. It shows up perfectly fine in Dreamweaver, but does not show up when I preview or upload it to any browser. I have done this previously with just a color on the page background instead of an image and it worked fine, (http://animalcrackerspetsupply.com/index.html) but I cannot make it work with this image as the background!


      I have tried playing with z-index and visibility and nothing works. Other layers on the page show up just fine (ex: http:www.animalcrackerspetsupply.com/Index1.html).


      What gives? I am using Dreamweaver 8 (because I can't afford CS5!!)


      Thank you,