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    Adding Buttons on a FLVPlayback skin

    joaogoncalves Level 1

      Is there anyway to add some new custom buttons on a FLVPlayback skin? i already try to put the button, everything fine, add a dispatchEvent with bubbling true,  to that button to capture elsewhere in my aplications, the button appear on the skin but can´t get the Event, any suggestion?

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          Petro O. Bochan Level 3

          U can't really 'add' a control to the skin directly. What u can do (and i assume what u r trying to achieve) is to get control of some of the functionality of the player. Post the details of the action u want to achieve and have trouble with.

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            joaogoncalves Level 1

            Essentialy what i want is to add a new button, to toggle to an HD source film, already try to use another button of the skin, like the captioning that I don’t use, and just put a dispatchEvent on it, when I compile the skin it work, but when I use that skin in my application it won´t work.


            I could achieve what I want making my on command buttons on a MC, but when I put the FLVPlayback on Fullscreen I don´t have the view of the commands because the video instance takeover all the screen, any way to make visible any MC when the FLV is on fullscreen? That will be another way to resolve my problem instead os customizing an existing skin adding the button.


            Any help? Tks in advance