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    DVD on PC for Mac


      My wife swim on a masters synchronized swm team

      and I videotape all their performances and competitions, then create a DVD for each of the team members.

      Unfortunately, one of the team is using a Mac, while the rest have PCs. There does not seem to be an option in PE to create a DVD in QuickTime format. I can save the file on my PC in QuickTime format, but the resultant file does not include the menus to allow selection of specific video segments. Any suggestions, please?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          No need. Macs as well as PC usually include software for playing standard DVDs (which record their video as VOB files).

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            sakulsa Level 1

            The DVD I sent her has all the videos on it as VOB files. She says that when she tries to play it on her Mac, it keeps trying to "skip over damaged areas". I know that the files are intact, as I can play them all on my PC. Is she missing some software on her Mac, or does she just need to take a class to learn how to use it?

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              nealeh Level 5

              Sounds like either a media or burn speed issue. Verbatim disk are highly regarded and, regardless of your burners capability never record at more than 4x speed. Unfortunately you cannot set a burn speed in PRE so I recommend  that you burn to a folder and then use your favourite burning software to burn the disk at 4x. If you don't already have burning software then ImgBurn is free and works well.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I am with Neale. The VOB's are containers for mostly MPEG-2 files (Mac's can handle these fine, with a DVD software player), and then the navigation in the first VOB.


                If there are issues with a DVD-Video disc, it is most likely the brand of blank media and/or the burn speed.


                Now, there is one other possible consideration - the DVD type. On most PC's, the systems come with full "multi-drives," which handle all types of DVD's. Do not know about Mac's, but it is possible that the computer does not have an official multi-drive, and the particular drive might work better with a +R, or a -R, while either should work perfectly on all recent PC's. The same can occur with set-top players. Newer ones handle either -R, or +R, with no issues, while some older ones might only work with one, but not the other.


                Good luck,



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                  sakulsa Level 1

                  I'd like to thank everyone for their help with my problem. I ultimately changed media from Maxell to Verbatum and slowed down the butn speed. My swimmer now says that she can successfully view the videos on the resultant DVD. I don't know which of the two corrected the problem, but I'm not going to mess with success. Once again, thank you.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Success is good!


                    I do not know Maxell, well, I know it, but have not used any of their products since the tape days.


                    One quick test would be to use the great, free burning utility, ImgBurn, to see who actually made the blank media. Both Roxio & Nero have such utilities too. When one runs a Memorex black disc though these, it mfgr. will seldom be Memorex, if ever. Same for recent TDK's.


                    Good luck,