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    DV not working for me


      Hi everyone, I am new to this so please ignore my newb questions. I just transfered some video from my Panasonic HVX100 onto a friends Mac. I used his mac because I dont have firewire on my PC.


      I then transfered the .dv files to my PC and was ready to start editing in Premiere Pro. But when I tried to open the .dv files it gave me an error telling me that it is not supported. How can I get premiere pro to recognize my .dv files? I even tried Windows Movie Maker and it wont recognize them either. Neither does Quicktime

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you don't have firewire connections, your system is probably not suited for editing.


          .DV files are not supported, You need to get a more decent PC to use CSx.

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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Technically, .dv files are supported (here CS5: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WSd79b3ca3b623cac97fa024001235833a568-800 0.html).


            Even though it does not list .dv as one of the examples, .dv is a container, and your success will depend on having the right codec installed in the right place for Premiere to use it.  I have had only grief trying to use files from a friend's system.  I do believe that it is possible, but I have no seen a simple "1, 2, 3" set of steps to use such files on any PC.


            So, yes, supported; no, not easily.  (And please, someone who has the 1, 2, 3 down, tell me  how.)


            I would add a firewire card.  If not possible, I would find a friend with a PC and firewire.  If you end up using something like Windows Movie Maker to transfer the files, be sure to get the format right.  I think WMM makes the DV AVI Type 1 and you need Type 2.  (There's an easy convertor for that.)  I mention this one example, because you need to research your workflow before jumping in.

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              aquafrook99 Level 1

              Actually I have a very good computer that has 4 GB of RAM and an i7 CPU. And I am running CS4. I just ordered a firewire card for it that should arrive this week. However, in the meantime I am trying to get these .dv files to work

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                shooternz Level 6

                http://www.google.co.nz/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=3&oq=.dv&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGLJ_enNZ273 NZ273&q=.dv+to+.avi+converter


                If you have .dv files from your Panny..., you have captured them wrongly.  You need .avi.

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                  I have had the same issue. I captured a TON of footage on my Mac for a feature and after getting a high end PC and grabbing CS5 Prod Suite, I decided I would edit on the PC. On my PCI have QT Pro as well as every Apple Codec I could find and still have no luck importing into CS5.


                  What I did do, was convert my source files on the Mac from .DV to ProRes. This made the files significantly larger, but it worked. There may be a better format, and I am still testing, but if you have the space and do not have a heavy load, I would convert them with MPEG Streamclip in a batch and transfer them to the PC.

                  I think you will have to have FCP to have the ProRes codec, but I am unsure as all of my Mac Machines are running FCP.


                  Hope this helps.


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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    an i7 CPU.


                    Now there's a curiosity.  I've not seen any i7 mobos without built-in Firewire.

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      Something smells funny. I use DV (as in, .dv) files from an FCP capture frequently.


                      Are you sure these are DV files and not HDV? This would make more sense. Often, HDV captured with FCP ends up as Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) which will not playback on Windows machine--at all. Ever. There is no Windows decoding component for this codec. Instead, capturing to ProRes (or converting to it, as you've found) will result in files that will playback perfectly well on Windows version of Premiere.


                      If these are DV and are not playing, something else is up. Can you post a screenshot of the QuickTime Player inspector panel for one of these files?

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                        JaysonM-Y Level 3

                        from dv to pro rez? lol?


                        I'm on a mac, and when my collogues ask for my files I can export it to .avi with dv codec. File>Export>Movie to AVI>Settings>DV/DVCPRO NTSC. Audio to Uncompressed 48 kHz.

                        If you have FCP on the mac, it's most likely you have Compressor on the mac, here you can make a preset with these settings.

                        Or as I usually do, I just copy them to an external and hand them over. Can they playback on the mac? Because usually your .dv files shouldn't even end up with the extension .dv(even tho it is in the dv codec) but .mov