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    Should I use Flash, After Effects, or both?


      Thanks in advance for the help. I'm working on an animation for  my product development buisiness website's homepage. For years, I've  just had a boring static image (http://www.scott-industries.com/),  but now I want to make it animated. When people see the animation, I  want it to look like this:

      1. Earth fades in from black.

      2.  "Scott Industries" flies into center of screen (nearly the full width  of the flash window) and text is possibly animated somhow.

      3.  "Scott Industries" shrinks down and flies into place in the lower left  corner.

      4. Three lines of services text fly into place, which also  might have text animation effects.

      5. Instead of the design  progression of the one medical product (like i have now), I want to have  several different products fly from the earth's horizon (one at a time)  and have each momentarily stall in the position where the "final"  medical product image is now, and then fly out of view. Even better, it  would be cool to have the product fly out of the flash window and off  the edge of their monitor, but I don't know how to do that. Let me know  if you know how and  it's not too crazy complicated. Each of these  products will be spinning  continuously.

      6. I'll have like 10  different products that will show over a  period of like a minuite or  so. I want these 10 products to "loop" over  and over, without looping  the intro text changes.


      I  know that I'm making the spinning products as  transparent video via  After Effects. However, I really don't know  whether or not I need to use  adobe flash or not... Can/should I  just use the flash output of  after effects? How do I  make the products keep looping without having the intro text changes loop as well?


      Thanks   again for the help!!!