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    Problem with Flex Builder 3


      Hey Experts,


      I tried creating Flex Library Project in Flex Builder 3. No issues so far. Everything works fine. When the day ends, I close Flex Builder (without closing the project as it restores them during next launch). I had to close it...I can't keep the system running. Global warming you know...Next day when I launched Flex Builder, I could see my project there. However, when I open Project Properties dialog box, I get some errors while trying to open Flex Library Build Path or Flex Library Compiler pages. The error says "The currently displayed page contains invalid values."


      C'mon man you gotta be kidding me. Yesterday you didn't say anything. What's the matter with you today. By the way, I didn't change anything in properties. How could I? I am unable to open it...


      Does anyone understands Flex Builder's logic here?