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    Is Windows XP x64 forgotten?


      The CS5 Master components install flawlessly on my 64 bit system running XP (x64) including Photoshop CS5 x64.  However, After Effects CS5 and Premier Pro CS5 do not.  These two applications want me to upgrade to Vista x64 or Windows 7 x64.

      To upgrade would take a lot of time and I am not confident it would be 100 % beneficial after having read many posts about installation problems and crashes I can't even reproduce.  So the question is: Is there a technical reason why Ae and Pr will not recognize XP x64 or is it more of a policy.  The CS5 Master Suite has 3 different system requirements within it.  Is this intentional or an oversight?  Is it correctable?   

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It's intentional and cannot be changed as far as I'm aware. Depends on the reliability of the graphics drivers for hardware acceleration and some DLL stuff...



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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            Well Windows x64 support was dropped in CS4 actually. The main reason is that memory management is really different in XPx64 than in Vista/Seven.


            In CS4, AE team decided to drop WinXPx64 because it would need too much time and effort to keep and test on both OS, and it would have a deep impact on the development. Unlike other Adobe products, AE is really a small team, so this is the kind of decisions they have to make to go on (and that's also why you don't have, unlike Photoshop, a 32bit and 64bit of AE CS5).


            Hope it answers your question.

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