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    Artwork Security and Overprints

    MKMGraphics Level 1

      I actually have a 2 part question.


      Is there a way to save a pdf from Illustrator CS4 that cannot be opened, edited, or printed from Illustrator, but still keep the artwork vector?


      This question comes from one of my customers. I designs shirts for them and send them vector pdf proofs so they can make sure the separations will work for them before printing. However, they also forward the proof on to the end customer to get their approval.

      The problem we have is that recently an end customer took the pdf that my customer forwarded from me to them and took it to another printer. That printer used it to make the shirts for the end user, thus cheating my customer out of the printing fees.

      I still got paid by my customer, but we need to be able to keep any other end users from doing this again.

      I have already asked my customer about setting up a password for files, but they would rather not do that.



      2. I use overprints of strokes when colors overlap quite often and I use the overprint preview to see what the artwork will look like when printed. Is there a way to make a pdf show what I see without them using the preview mode in Acrobat? (I get a lot of comments like "the text looks too fat" when I send a proof that I have set up for printing.


      Thanks in advance!

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          CupertinoFruit Level 3

          Adding security options & appropriate Acrobat Permissions will prevent unscrupulous behavior. Change Printing Allowed & Changes Allowed to None.


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            Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            1. Password protected PDFs can be cracked, if someone's willing enough. So best would be to not send the end customer vector art. End customers don't need to check if it can be printed, so they don't need vector art. Your client could export a JPEG from Acrobat. You would need two versions of the file anyway since password protected files aren't practical in print workflows.


            2. Current Acrobat versions are set up to always show overprint preview.

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