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    Colour Management problems - media AE to Encoder


      I have noticed that Adobe Media Encoder Doesn't seem to cater for colour management. Or make mention of how applies gamma adjustments to the content it encodes. Flash in particular.


      1. I'm working in colour managed environment in AE (eg. Adobe 1998),


      2. I export my final master animation with an associated Output profile suitable for the media - like sRGB (web & Flash), or Rec 709 for HD TV.


      3. So, If I use Media encoder to export Flash FLV, the final output is grossly over-saturated, because (I think) MEcoder has applied a second 2.2 gamma curve to the file.


      That would be ok, if a little annoying - but worse still, if I use Media Encoder to create a mpeg DVD encode - it does respect the  colour intergrity of the Master AE render.



      Anyone else notice this?



      So it appears that if you use colour managed workflow - rendering a master out of AE with you working profile attached to it is necessary, because ME is going to gamma correct it to sRGB it when it encodes - like it or not!