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    Multipart Form with Vanishing Fields; best practices

    Fred in Orlando

      I've got a very complex form with about 500 fields divided into about 25 tab groups. Not all fields are applicable, nor are all tab groups.  There is an integer "form type" variable that determines which fields are applicable.   I have the option of placing a special character in the database for a field to indicate it is not applicable.


      The visible fields are overlapping sets, that is  a,b,c may be visible in one condition while b,e,f are visible in another.


      It is not sufficient to disable them, I want the non-applicable fields to vanish and to not leave an empty spot on the panel where they would be displayed.


      I looked at STATES, but the complexty of the overlapping sets overwhelmed me.  I was concerned that all would be good for a few sets, but as more were implemented, I would get code too complex to debug/maintain.


      The best solution I can think of is to set the height to 0 if a field is not applicable.  Since I've had to subclass the flex form widgets for other reasons anyway, this is not too hard.  It just seems like there should be a better way.


      I can use Flex 3 or 4.  Any suggestions?