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    Advice/opinions on best way to use Flash for website




      I am working on an animation in After Effects (dimensions 1000px x 350px) which will sit in the masthead area of a website. I intend to render from After Effects as a flv (or as uncompressed avi and then convert to flv) and then import this into a mc and export as a swf to be placed in the masthead. However, I would be grateful for some feedback/suggestions on a couple of points...


      My guess is that the final swf of flv will be about 9mb, which is quite hefty. I need the quality to be good and crisp. If you look at the excellent CS5 trailer on the adobe.com home page you will get an idea as to the quality I need. I'm guessing this is a fairly large file yet it plays great with hardly any pre-load. Any ideas how they achieve this? Using Media Server or streaming video isn't an option for me, only bog-standard progressive download.


      One thing I thought was to break the animation down into a number of swfs and load these one after another. It needs to be seamless. Would that work - any ideas?


      Ok,  hope this post isn't too rambling. I'm excited about the project, but I could do with some ideas as how best to get a good looking video or swf to play in the masthead without long preloads etc.


      Thanks in advance.