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    Linked Documents - missing images - inconsistently

    SueKL Level 1


      I'm trying to link to documents using the new feature in RH8 instead of importing.  My results are inconsistent because sometimes I see the images and other times the images do not appear in the generated WebHelp.  All of the images are .jpg and in the project file it shows the images as being in the linked image folder (although it has a .doc suffix).  I can't change this folder name nor can I create another as I get a duplicate file error.  This same situation exists with another linked document (in linked .doc folder) but the images show up.  I tried the suggestions in Peter Grainge's article (Feb. 15 2010) and don't have any of these Word options checked about .png or a graphics format and all file names do not contain spaces.  Are there specific guidelines when using this new linking method so I can advise my customers on format of documents.


      Also, is there an advantage I'm missing with this new method of linking to a document when you have to generate to receive the updated image anyway?


      Thanks very much,