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    Simple preloading of image


      Better say it now: I'm a newbie on Flex but need to deliver a simple image displayer that is controlled by a CMS. The Flex application reads the images from xml an loads it into an Imagecontrol based on a timer. Most of the images show up directly but some images are really slow in loading and its not Flex fault. These images are dynamically generated and it is this generation that takes time.


      I would really need to preload the next image to be shown so that the transition is smooth. Tried to search all over to find something that I colud use with the code I have but haven't found anything yet.


      The image loading function looks like this:



      private function changeImage(e:TimerEvent):void {               
           if (index < xmlListColl.length)



      Can I use some kind of preload functionality with this type of setup?