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    Reader add-in crashes browsers


      OS: Windows XP Media Center Edition v.2002 sp3

      Reader version: 9.3.2

      IE version: 8.0.6001.18702

      Firefox version: 3.6.3

      Google Chrome version:


      For a couple of months now, "embedded" .pdf files crash all of my browsers, or fail within the browser window (Chrome).  By "embedded," I an referring to links which create a .pdf file and then bring it up within a web page.  On these files, I have no option of saving the file to my hard drive from the link. This seems to be most prevalent on sites where a report is generated in .pdf format, or some sports websites where tournament brackets are being updated regularly.


      For those pages that are a direct link to a .pdf file, I can usually save the file locally, then bring it up, and I have IE and Firefox set up to call Adobe Reader, and the files come up within Reader as a separate app.


      I have uninstalled all of my browsers and Adobe Reader three times.  I've deleted the Adobe folder under Program Files before reinstall.  I've also ran registry clean-up programs after the uninstalls just to make sure that there were no lingering entries that might cause a problem.  I've also ran the option within Reader to repair the installation.


      The problem seems to have begun after an update loaded for Reader, but I don't remember which update it was.  I want to say it was the update/upgrade to 9.3, but I can't be sure.


      At this point, I'm not sure what else to do.  When I performed the reinstalls, the first one I just uninstalled then reinstalled Reader.  When that did not work, I uninstalled Reader, then all the browsers.  Installed Reader, then the browsers.  No success. Uninstalled Reader and the browsers again, then installed the browsers first, followed by Reader.  Again, no success.


      Any help that anyone can suggest would be greatly appreciated!