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    Choppy Playback with CS5 and Quadro FX4800


      Hi All,

      Can someone please advise, I'm running an i920 Clocked to 3.6 with 12gb of memory and a Quadro FX4800 with Premiere CS5, I've even downloaded the latest 197.85 driver and am experiencing seriously choppy play back with just 2 streams, one with opacity turned down slightly and get crap play back with Cross dissolves or simple dip to blacks , it sort of pauses then plays catch up when trying to play the files - this is seriously frustrating and nothing like the advertised videos.

      The files are AVCHD 1080/60p files from my Panasonic TM700, playing a straight file on the timeline is sweet and no problem but add anything else and it plays like crap.I've even tried to reduce playback to 1/2 and 1/4 with no improvement.

      The Footage, Scratch and project files are on seperate 500gb single platter fast drives (i've checked) and so know its not my drives / IO.

      Does anyone know if its the AVCHD files or Premiere and has anyone else experienced / experiencing this???