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    HTML code missing from .chm file

    ashb22 Level 1



      I'm having an issue with HTML code in a source topic that is not in the .chm file. Here is the code from the source topic:


          alt="Expand or collapse item"



      Here is the code from the .chm file:


      <img name="imEx" src alt="Expand or collapse item"


      Note that the src attribute is not pointing to the image; therefore, the image is missing from the .chm file.


      Any idea why this might be happening?



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          Amebr Level 4

          Is it possible you are linking to a graphic that is outside your project?


          For example, the topic is:




          In this case, the path '../../../MyImage.gif' points to the Help directory, which would be outside the project. (Or maybe it points to C: - I get confused, but you get the picture. )


          I'm not sure if this would strip out the code on compile, but it's something that should be easy to check.