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    Network Render - Plugins Missing


      Hi All,


      First post here. I have the Adoble Master Collection CS4, and I set up a mini render farm of 4 computers. Basically installed AE on one computer, and cloned the hard drive and renamed them. I have set up the rendering farm fine, one problem though is the render nodes seem to be missing the CC plugins that were installed on my primary work computer with the CS4 master collection. Because I did a selective install of CS4 to just install AE on the render nodes, could I have accidentally not checked the plugins in the custom install menu? Do these plugins show up in that install menu is what I'm asking. I really don't want to reinstall the whole lot as it takes quite a while to install.


      Seems to be useless as a network renderer without the plugins I used to create the actual comps. Interested to hear responses.


      Thanks a lot.