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    issue with graphics tearing on thumb scroll in Flex 3


      We are seeing some off issues with graphics (one using the charting package and the other using degrafa) tearing on thumb scrolling in a large Flex 3 app.  It's very hard to reproduce on OSX with the latest versions of Safari and Firefox, but it shows almost immediately when you run the app on Windows or Linux (regardless of the browser).  I took one of the pieces out of the app and put it into a very simple testbed app and can't get the problem to show on Windows (i was hoping to isolate the issue in a smaller test case, but no such luck).


      So, ii've got a few idea's on how to work around the issue, but i was wondering if anyone else has seen this type of problem before?



           - graphics tear on thumb scroll

           - doesn't happen if you click in the track or use the arrows

           - one view is using the charting package, the other view is using degrafa


      Thanks for any comments or suggestions...